Really, it wasn’t that much

So, we got robbed. In that brief window of time on Thursdays when I leave for therapy but David is still at work, they got in. The nice thing about developing severe agoraphobia is that I’m always home to keep things safe.
Except when I’m not!
The dogs were here but unhurt. Their behavior today is overly alert and defensive so I am pretty sure that whoever it was that came in probably scared them pretty bad. That makes me sad, but again, they are safe and unhurt and that is truly the thing that is important.
The thieves got my laptop, the PS2 (dammit! i finally broke down and bought a video game system for the first time ever and we only had it for 12 weeks!), David’s electric guitar, our meds and a pearl and coral necklace my grandfather made for me (this makes me sad). It sucks that I lost my laptop, it really sucks. Luckily the drive had been backed up in January so I haven’t lost too much.
I had a goodly long cry and felt sorry for myself for a bit. It all just seems so unfair, why can’t unfair things happen in my favor.
But that’s the thing, they DO! Unfair things happen in my favor all the time. I’m an insanely lucky person. For as much as i complain about my financial situation or my crappy insurance, my tenuous grasp on mental health or the painful corn I developed on my toe, there are a million things that are absolute blessings in my life.
I watched a documentary last weekend about orphans in Uganda. As I watched it i realized that my dogs, my DOGS had better access to nutritious food, clean water and healthcare than most people in the world had. My dogs live better than many people. If i can provide, and I mean provide, this sort of life to my dogs when so many others are starving, then I’m not really in a position to cry ‘UNFAIR’ for losing stuff that exists only to entertain me. I want my stuff back, yes, and i wish they hadn’t taken it, but I recognize also that I’m going to be just fine. I just ate dinner, my belly is full, I made a grocery list for tomorrow because I can afford to buy food, I might take a bubble bath later because I have SO MUCH clean water that I can fill a tub with it and use it for fun not critical hydration.
I am sad and upset that someone came into my home and took things that were important to me, this is true. But also I am grateful that I was in a position to have those things and that most things can be replaced. I cannot replace the necklace from my grandfather, and that does hurt my heart a little. I did not wear it often, but it meant a lot to me that he made it for me.
So, we will move on, David, the dogs and I. We will find replacements and continue on through this life and it will become a small footnote in this chapter.
On an unrelated note, the Ben and Jerry’s flavor ‘Bonnaroo Buzz’ sucks Bonnaroo balls! The only way I can describe it is a sticky, sweet, one-note mess. Terrible, bad-day comfort ice cream! (and there, again, it’s hard to complain too seriously about losing anything when I can buy $3.50 ice cream and complain about it!).
Go, back up your hard drives! Copy your email address books! Hug your loved ones! And be safe.