Hurricane Preparedness Action Alpha

In a cereal bowl combine one handful each of nestle dark chocolate and semisweet chocolate chips. Throw a pinch of salt in there. In a little frying pan put two handfuls of chopped walnuts and one hand of rolled oats (please keep in mind that I have preternaturally small hand, they’re almost creepy in their smallness, creepy tiny hands). Heat oats and walnuts
to goodly toastiness and then dump into the bowl of chocolate chips. Stir and mash and stir and mash, you don’t want any visible chocolate chips. At this point you will realize that a cereal bowl is too small and you will have wished you’d gone with something bigger. If you are lucky and maybe if you have regular hands, you will have already figured this out and gone with a bigger bowl at the beginning of the deal.
Stir and mash stir and mash and then unceremoniously (yes, without ceremony! This isn’t bocuse d’or, it’s a damned hurricane!) dump it out on a dinner plate and sort of mash it down and clump into pieces. Wait for it to solid up. Check the weather report. Eat some.

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