We do the things for all to see

orange pink pink orange
My hair is orange and pink
orange pink pink orange
yeah, orange and pink
Chester and some chesterite
Chester in the Chester Town Forest with a big piece of Chesterite
Autumn in Vermont
leaf peeping
We went to see the colors.
Lowell Lake
and the other beautiful places
I made a hardcore pillow cover…YAAAARGH
the dogs are still dorks
The elaborate number 2!
David made an elaborate number 2 (heeerrrrrf snork I said number 2)
I just don't know
Screw you, mother nature!

2 thoughts on “We do the things for all to see

  1. Personal question: what dye do you use? I want to put a neon blue streak in my dark auburn (and gray) hair to match my new specs.

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