The move is on! David is resigning at the end of the year and we are not renewing the lease. Come this fall we’ll either be in New England or living in a moving truck stuck in Eau Claire WI. We shall see, as David says.
Everyone has a list of things they hate, divorce, murder, watching nudity dances and the like. Close to the top of my list is moving. Moving is a pain in my ass, all the packing and lugging boxes and unpacking and lugging piles of empty boxes. I have been in this place since 2005, seven years!! This was supposed to be my temporary place until David and I either decided to get a place together or I would get something more permanent. Instead, a couple months later David moved in with me and there we are.
Now we are moving to something more permanent. Details about chickens and acreage and permaculture and cob houses will be shared later. Right now I am just wienering around.
We’re in the ‘sort and toss or donate or recycle or scream your fool head off when a desiccated centipede falls out of a project basket you forgot about 3 years ago’. I went through my yarn stash and blasted out anything that didn’t have a good plan in place (or was worth keeping). I have now sent 4 kitchen size trash bags of yarn, just the yarn! to the thrift store and still, STILL all the containers are full of yarn. My house is a damned yarn tardis (your mom is a tardis, bigger on the inside).
Also, the only thing I hate more than moving or packing or letting Chester practice home dentistry on me is garage sales. I hate having garage sales, hate them with all my soul. I’m donating everything because I do not want to spend my time carpdicking around over a nickle. It’s all donated and it’s all going. Incidentally, if you are in the twin cities area and would like a free tv, dvd player, 55 gallon aquarium with ALL the peripherals, and possibly a portable dishwasher that you hook up to the sink, let me know. They’re yours if you get them out.
But, for all the complaining there is a goodness. This is an awesome opportunity for us, a way to really change things. If it gets messed up we’ll deal with it. I’m worried about leaving my friends and family here, especially the lovely niece, Viivi, but we can travel back and forth to visit and also, I have friends and family all over this country and anywhere I move will put me close to someone. So, there it is! We’ve got no choice but to be mobile by the end of summer and we may as well head east.

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  1. You’re a genius and right in every way. Moving is horrible. Garage sales are horrible. This will turn out to be very good and an excellent decision. All true.

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