How I have survived this far…total mystery.

Decided to do pink hair over the weekend. Grabbed the tube that makes this color

I hadn’t used it in a long while and expected it might have gone off or whatever it is that tubes of spacechemicals do when they finally decide to die…dye. Usually the dye comes out of the tube like shampoo, this didn’t. It had turned incredibly runny and watery, it just poured out of the tube into my hand. And the color was completely off, it was a dark purple runny liquid in my hand waiting to go on my head.
Where the wise person says, “Oh, this substance is the exact opposite of what it should be, I’d better not put it on my body!” and survives, I think, “but…it’s already on my (gloved hand) and I don’t want to really pour it down the sink and it’s kind of a good color…. oh hey! This spreads over my hair super fast… that is a good color!” and still cheats death.
My hair looks exactly like a cherry tootsie pop.


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