in my not so humble opinion

It is my opinion that banks that get bailed out should have to pay back the taxpayers on the same terms they give their average credit card holder. yeah, I’m looking at you, Citibank. You wanna borrow some money and spend it on a plane, that’s cool but your ‘revolving credit’ APR is say, 12% and don’t fucking be late with a payment or it jumps to 24%! plus late fees and finance charges. And don’t get all whiny with us and say you sent the check and the check cleared before the payment was due but you weren’t credited until 3 days after it was late and now you have late fees! Hey, we get the check, but the office shuts down and we can’t just go and credit your account when we aren’t here! Maybe send it earlier next time?
on to other things…
In a grand marketing coup, I managed to secure a product modeling contract with jesus. Check that shit out. I don’t care what you’re selling, I’ve got the son of god wearing my products. Yo diggity!

2 thoughts on “in my not so humble opinion

  1. WWJD (besides wear an awesome Bubbo design)?
    I think he would enter the temple of Citibank et al and overturn the tables of the money lenders.
    IMHO, I believe the banks being bailed out should have to surrender all equity to the taxpayer, and that the remuneration of all senior staff in all ways (not just base salary) should not be allowed to exceed that of the US President. Then when they finally get all their sh*t together, the taxpayer can sell the shares back to the market at a profit.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  2. Yet another reason why you should be in charge of Serious Things: that “pay back the taxpayers on the same terms they give their average credit card holder” idea is genius, yet it’ll never happen.

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