The time has come

The time has come for the Velvet Cerebellum staff to make its presidential candidate endorsement. Based on the following criteria:

  • Well funded early childhood education should not be limited to the lucky offspring of the suburban McMansion crowd
  • That health care is a fundamental human right
  • We need to end this mess we started in Iraq and we must do this with focus
  • No one can decide what should grow in a person’s body except that person
  • Reproductive rights begin with a thorough education that includes biology, birth control and responsibility
  • We don’t forget the phrase “well regulated” when discussing the 2nd amendment
  • Science is a matter of discerning testable theories and investigating outcomes. Magic sky men have no place in the science classroom unless there is a test for proving their existence
  • The First Amendment protects the practice of all religions, all speech and all peaceful assembly. It protects even the hated and despised and THAT is its true power
  • Maybe a little more regulation and a little less “oh, companies and investors would never put themselves at risk” is needed. It’s clear that these companies didn’t really put themselves at risk, they put OUR money at risk, lost it and now they are paying the price by putting that 4th vacation home on hold
  • It takes more than an uncommon name to determine if one is a terrorist
  • When given the financial incentives too ‘boost’ the economy, corporations and the individually wealthy generally…do not. It just does not trickle down the way they promise. Instead of tax breaks to help companies hire employees that won’t get hired, why not give the tax breaks to the people who will actually spend the money on groceries and pants! Let’s stimulate the economy from the bottom up and see what happens.

The staff here at the Velvet Cerebellum (me and Chester, I guess) are endorsing the Obama/Biden ticket. Of course this is no surprise to many of you, but sometimes it has to be said. I’m going to go do my part for america and clean my laundry!
Edited to Add: We believe that the Constitution and Bill of Rights details our Rights as citizens and should not be used to limit rights based on religious beliefs as that would DIRECTLY OPPOSE the first amendment and its assertion that the government will not establish a religion. Opposed to gay marriage? then DON’T FUCKING MARRY A GAY PERSON (I’m looking at you, Mrs Larry Craig)

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