1. Did my mom totally work some magic and find a spinning wheel for me? YES SHE DID! How awesome is that? Almost as awesome as stegosaurus.
  2. Ramping up production of “Original Designs” for sale on etsy. Going to try to have a few ready before I open the store.
  3. that’s the logo. We’re working on the type.
  4. gotta go write the column soon, hopefully there’s still some beer left from last night.
  5. had coffee with a former coworker on Thursday. We came to the conclusion that the HR department there is unique in that it actively works against its employees. It’s gotta be that because the alternative is sadder. On comparing notes we confirmed that it did not matter what you asked about, sick time, short term disability, the weather, the answer you received would be about FMLA. This is actually not a joke. I cannot tell you how hard it was to get a straight answer about the time off for my wrist surgery because all I ever got was information about FMLA. This phenomenon has been confirmed by others.
  6. Also we talked about babies, other crazy people, personal space, money, the future and the awesomeness of whipped cream.
  7. actually, I think I was only thinking about the whipped cream and how awesome it is.
  8. Okay, I have to go write my column and then figure out my plan for the week

This is all I got! I’ll get something for real up here soon. In the meantime:

2 thoughts on “um…hi!

  1. OMG! We watched Old Greg right after I talked to you last, and at first we were kinda put off……..and then…..we had to watch it again, and again, and now Sam knows the entire thing and wanders around the house saying, “I’m Old Greg, do you love me?”.
    Awesomely funny.

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