mmmcherry chocolate stress cake!

So, what happens when things in your lie start going to hell in a handbasket and you spend all your time worrying about things getting even worse AND even though you know it’s what caused 75% of the trouble in the first place you still can’t help but hide the full extent of your worries from the people around you???
Your mind finds alternate ways of pushing the stress out. In my case, SHINGLES!!! YAY. Starting just to the left of my breast bone I have a painful rash on my left boob, left armpit, down the tender fleshy fat part at the back of my arm and around on to my back. The awesome thing about shingles is that it lives in your nerves! So even where there is not a rash there is still pain!
YAY!!!! Could nature and science get ANY MORE AWESOME??? I don’t think so!
I don’t have insurance so I’m not going to the doctor for this. From the best of my research it sounds like there are few treatment options that are truly effective anyway. My aversion to vicodin and codeine has come in handy, however. I have old bottles of vicodin and codeine dating back to 1996! So I’ve been self medicating with old opiates and copious amounts of beer. The pain doesn’t get shut off, but the part of my brain that cares about the pain goes to sleep for a bit.
Have I learned anything about stress and sharing the burden? Yes ma’am! Will it change anything? um…well…old habits are pretty hard to break even if you KNOW you are supposed to break them. I’ll be putting the advice column (on Ravelry) on hiatus for one more week.
oh also, dogs have an UNCANNY ability to smash their paws into painful rashes when they get excited, or when they are not excited! Like when you are sound asleep and the searing pain in your left boob forces your eyes open and you find that Maddie has decided to get comfortable by streeeeeetching out and pushing her paw into you but FELL ASLEEP mid stretch and therefore is sleeping with her paw digging into a sensitive patch of blistery fun!

2 thoughts on “mmmcherry chocolate stress cake!

  1. Shingles sux! Stress sux. It took me nearly 2 years and a change of job to totally recover from the Shingles. Still if my brain gets overstressed it can evoke symptoms. SOmetimes you can’t change mental triggers that stress you out. Best of luck in your recouperation. Miss you in latest Ravelry issue :-)

  2. Poor girl! Shingles sucks big ol’ ostrich eggs covered in blistery poo. Guh. I get shingles when I get stressed, too. Or I lose my hair along the front part of my hairline and when it grows back, I look like a female Alton Brown there for a bit.
    I always get some sort of virus-fighting cocktail of doom to fight the Shingles, perhaps you can ask the doc for some too. Oh yeah, and try to quarantine yerself, no one wants your herpes. Ew.

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