you miss me

Sorry, things have been weirdy stressy and blah blah and then I got sick and then the doctor gave me 2 prescriptions that effectively would cancel each other out and things got worse before they got better and I spent a lot of time in bed, with pain.
And I am getting better. so yeah, I’ll be back soon.
In the meantime:

3 thoughts on “you miss me

  1. Hi Heather … I just read your comment on the hypochondria article on Salon and wanted to share some info with you … have you ever heard of silent migraine syndrome? I have a friend who was experiencing symptoms similar to what you’ve described, and after going to a million doctors, someone finally suggested that he might be suffering from a condition in which he gets all the symptoms of migraines without the actual headache. It seems like there aren’t a lot of people who know about this syndrome, so it might be worth looking up to see if it sounds similar to what you’re experiencing. Good luck!

  2. hey, thanks. I’m definitely sure it’s a posterior vitreous detachment, it’s just that the doctors treated me like a hypochondriac because I had researched and had a lot of information on it. They were dicks. I have the info for a different ophthalmologist to see for surgery options.

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