someone naked?

I’m working on the day 4 photos and movies and eating generic lucky charms. I also have two dogs right next to me on the sofa wrestling for my love.
okay, fuck it, I filled Chester’s canine genius with dog food and generic lucky charms(mostly dog food but planting the idea that there might be MORE lucky charms inside if he just keeps working on it makes for quiet time). Maddie needed a break. Ever since we got back from the BWCA Chester has decided that the only thing I am allowed to love is him. He’s the only one I can snuggle with or talk to or give belly rubs to. David is starting to miss his belly rubs.
This is a new one on me. I’ve never really seen this behavior in a dog. It’s like jealousy but dogs don’t really have jealousy as such. Mostly I don’t involve myself in the dog politics, I expect them to work things out their own way. Lately I have had to get involved because he’ll pester Maddie to the edge of madness if she spends too much time with me. A couple minutes in the dominance roll calms him down for a bit.
David was doing laundry and found one of Anna’s shirts that she must have left here while housesitting. I found another. Today at lunch I gave Anna her shirts but she only claimed the nerdy Lord of the Rings shirt, not the other one. The three of us debated whose shirt it might be, but we all had to conclude that we each knew our own clothes and we would know if that was ours.
So, if anyone is missing a Gap 100% cotton button down shirt, size medium, medium blue with slender white and grey stripes, I have it. You can have it back if you can explain how it got in my laundry room.
David was at the grocery store looking at the pistachios when a guy came up, grabbed a handful and walked away. Later, David found a pile of pistachio shells by the water jug filler.
Now, I’m no fuddy-duddy, but damn. DAMN. You want to try a grape and make sure they’re sweet, okay that’s fine. Maybe you’re not sure if you like the chocolate covered wienerpops in the bulk bin….pushing it, but try one. Only one!
The large barrels of peanuts and pistachios are for sale, not for snack. They are not put out as a public service to quell the hunger of stupid shoppers. They are put out so that customers may pick the amount they want and purchase (PURCHASE) that amount.
And I don’t want to hear the argument “well, the grocery store is screwing us! this is my way of getting even!” You’re not getting even, you’re eating pistachios that you didn’t pay for. If you want to ‘get even’ then go to another grocery store. The nice thing about this free-marketesque economy is that if you can patronize any business you want. You show support or anger with your wallet, not with pistachios.
Also, throw your shells away you shit! Do you think they just disappear into thin air once you put them down and walk away? They don’t other customers have to see them and buy the products near them. Somebody also has to pick them up and throw them away for you. Are you so out of touch that you think “hey! pistachios! i love pistachios, I should eat some” and then “my hand is full of empty pistachio shells…don’t need those!”?
Our every action, large and small, cuts a path in this world. Our every action is a stone dropped in a pond, the ripple moves outward affecting a larger and larger area. Your choice is to make sure that the paths you cut in this world are clean and productive, not destructive. Your goal should be to keep the ripples to a minimum.
I guess shit like this (and graffiti tagging and petty theft and whatnot) is that it shows such a lack of perspective on the part of the person doing it. They think only of themselves, their adoration of pistachios, their need to mark their territory with a paint can, the love of a good stop sign. I don’t expect people to live as ascetics eating rocks and quietly mumbling apologies to the world, just have some perspective. Think about something other than your wants, consider that other people don’t want to pick up your pistachio shells!

5 thoughts on “someone naked?

  1. Damn, gremlins, settle down!
    Lack of hygeine can certainly be a problem, but anything in an open bin that’s not going to be washed at home is a hygeine problem. I guess airborne stuff that likely has adequate time to die isn’t as bad as grubby hand transmitted fecal matter, but put your hands on a grocery cart handle sometime; I mean, REALLY put your hands on one and tell me what you feel.
    Anyway, it’s the litter aspect of the whole deal that really bothers me – when people just throw whatever they have in their possession that they don’t want willy-nilly without a second thought, that truly disturbs me. I imagine them coming home to find their room or perhaps their car filled with all of the litter they’ve left for the world to magically absorb. On a similar subject, I’m fairly certain that I will one day put dog feces in someone’s mailbox or shoe.
    Regarding sampling as theft? muh, ain’t no thang, and I’m sure that guy wasn’t stickin’ nothin’ to nobody – he just didn’t give a shit. ME, ME, MOI, und ICH ERSTE! Me and mine über alles, bitches! Now there’s a truly American social statement. I’m putting it on my forehead.

  2. Shit! That last bit was me, but my name seems to get erased if I “preview” then post. What hell?
    Also, I have seen that sort of “jealousy” in other dogs. I think it does exist, but it’s more of a territorial/dominance/me first sort of thing. I know dogs don’t understand things like sharing and fair (for the most part), but I think Chester is having some territory/ownership issues. I guess he’s just growing up… to be an ASSHOLE!

  3. I’m not worried about the hygiene, the world is full of germs and 98% won’t do a thing to you, 1.5% are awesome and .5% will eat your skin and make you poop ribbons. I don’t worry so much about germs.
    But that guy wasn’t sampling. You sample things you intend to purchase, you sample them to make sure they are good. That dude was just eating pistachios.
    The littering and not picking up the dog poop also pisses me off, because, again what exactly d these people think happens to it once they’ve walked away?
    Also, dog owners that don’t pick up their dog poop make all dog owners look bad.
    Ghengis had some jealousy type behaviors when I first started dating you. He definitely did not want to share my time with anyone.

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