Tomorrow we leave for the BWCA. David spent the evening prepping and packing and getting ready.
I spent the evening standing over boiling pots and stirring and burning myself (note to self: jam is mostly sugar, it’s way way hotter than water). I finished the Def Strawberry Jam, it worked out beautifully. I am so pleased with it. I worked out my salsa verde recipe and processed it. It is truly a thing of beauty. I may have to call and switch from ‘mild’ to ‘hot’ salsa. It’s hotter than expected.
anyway, I’m exhausted, I’ve not slept well since Thursday night.
I leave you with the above photo of Maddie and Chester waiting in the window. This is what I see every time I come home whether I’m gone for an hour or an entire day, they stay in the window. Maddie is more vigilant, she stays in the window and moves for nothing, she even sleeps there.
Wish us luck! I’ll come back with photos and movies or cool bear scars!
(also, go see a Fringe show!)

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  1. Heya, Toots! When are you delivering your Fair fare to the fair ladies at the fairgrounds? Maybe we can hook up — haven’t seen you in a while. BTW, “Floating fruit happens.” -B

  2. That’s an awesome name for beer. Half the fun of inventing a new jam is coming up with a good name for it.

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