Besa me, por favor

This is why I hate you.
I have fucking Journey stuck in my head. Over and over again Steve Perry is imploring me to continue to believe in something. Listen, I don’t want to believe in anything Steve Perry is selling. I just don’t trust the man.
Yeah, like the bulk of fucking america I have that damned song stuck in my head right now. Unlike the bulk of fucking America, I did not watch the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED series conclusion to the Sopranos. I did not watch it but everyone has to talk about it and talk about the damned song and then they have to analyze it and break down the hidden messages!
There are no hidden messages! Shows are not written by amazing space aliens! They do not filter onto the television like magic. Shows are written by people. People like you and me. The ending sounded really obvious! Writer sits down and says “man, how should I end this? I want to surprise everybody. Already everyone is speculating about prison or guns or something. If I want everyone to be surprised I have to write an ending no one will expect. No one will be expecting onion rings. I will write about onion rings.”
I’ve just laid out the bulk of the writing process. There were no hidden messages or agendas or clues to the future. Just straight up the least expected thing.
Okay, but seriously, beyond all the weird analysis of the show, could people stop talking about Journey? Please. They suck. They have always sucked. They have never had a moment when they did not suck. Time has not lessened the suck.
Also, Mary Lucia of 89.3 The Current (minnesota public radio’s hip radio station) was interviewing 2 of the guys from Fountains of Wayne and she asked them about the fucking finale and even managed to sound like a gushing 14 year old girl. I’m pretty sure she even used ‘ohmigod!’ at least once. Between her and Kerri Miller I’m beginning to think that the art of the interview is dying a cold and slow death.
ps I’m not actually cranky today! I was running late this morning and David offered to make and bring a lunch for me. Sandwiches always taste better when someone else makes them.

3 thoughts on “Besa me, por favor

  1. Journey does not rock.
    However, this morning I have Tom Jones’ ‘Sex Bomb’ stuck in my head. I want you to know that I consider that to be better than Journey.

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