Stupid Rain, Super David

This past weekend we were lamenting that we’d not had any time to ride our bikes down the creek under the blossoming crabapple trees. It’s just so beautiful to ride around under all those fluffy pink and white trees. Mondays are our only nights home together and I suggested a ride and a picnic.
David ran to the store after work and picked up all the necessary picnic foods and a bottle of wine. We packed up the back packs and got our bikes out and …and…and
It started raining. Of course it did. The rain had held out all day. The weather reports told of diminishing chances of rain as the day went on. I had hope. Since the rain was so light I suggested that we head out anyway, perhaps it was just a quick shower that would be over soon. 2 blocks away it turned into a deluge. We sought shelter under the awning at the coffee shop and reconsidered our options. With that much rain, even if it did stop soon the ground would be too wet for a picnic. We headed home.
Then we tossed everything in the car and headed over to Minnehaha Falls. The covered picnic pavillion was closed off but the covered bandstand was just begging to be used. We spread out the blanket just in time to watch the sun come out.
the fun part was surrepticiously pouring our wine into plastic cups as it is illegal to drink in public like that! We’re scofflaws!