If you were one of the lucky few that got a jar of Leminger Jam (lemon ginger marmalade) holy crap!!!
I finally opened my jar this weekend. I was saving it for some special occasion that never really happened because I didn’t know what it was. I realized how silly it was to save it since it is so easy to make more.
It was overwhelmingly good! It tasted like super lemony lemon drops without being painfully tart. I baked up a loaf of multigrain molasses bread and we snarfed it down like nobody’s business.
If you did not get a jar of Leminger, ha ha ha ha ha! Just kidding. Let me know if you are interested and I will try to include you on the next batch.

3 thoughts on “Leminger!

  1. I’d love to partake in some of your jam goodness. If you’re willing to send it, I’m willing to pay for it.

  2. I realize that leminger is a clever combination of Lemon and ginger, but it is also my last name, as well as that of my whole household. So, I just ask that if you are going to continue to use it, do so in a respectful manner. To illustrate my point, if your last name were Chocolatechip, you wouldn’t want anyone using “chocolate chip” in a manner that would bring your name any level of disrespect, would you? Wouldn’t Keebler commercials just make you cringe?

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