On Saturday I bundled up my little tiny box of Ghengis and his collar and his stinky dinosaurs and David and Chester and I headed over to Dena and Levi’s for the afternoon.
Levi is making the box that will hold Ghengis’ ashes. To be honest, he is the only person I trust to do the job. I’ve seen his work and not only does he have mad carpentry skills, but our sense of taste and aesthetic is very similar. I also know that he is one of the few people who can truly comperehend what this means to me. Dena and Levi lost their beloved Bela in December. It’s been a hard year for pet owners. Many tears were shed that afternoon.
Right foot. Left foot. The earth keeps turning and you find you are still walking. The main point of the visit was to get Chester over to play with Milo. Chester, being not very well socialized before I got him, needs to work on his intercanine skills a bit. He’s great with people, he loves people, he just doesn’t care for other dogs.
That afternoon I got to see the actual extent of my dog’s OCD problems. There was treasure EVERYWHERE!! Everywhere! The entire living room was covered in toys that no one was bothering to hid. He was beside himself, what the hell was going on in this place that toys were just laying out here and there, squeaky pork chops, rawhides, fuzzy hedgehogs!
His first order of business was to collect everything and hide it…but where. He ran here and there with Milo perplexedly following him. He tried to hide the rawhides but every time he turned around, there was Milo watching him, seeing exactly where he put it.
Time for a different plan. This plan had him collecting every toy and treat he could find and depositing them under my chair. This is good. Everything is collected and in one place and certainly the fatty that feeds him and protects him is going to extend her umbrella of protection to the treasures he just found.
Except the fatty don’t care so much and would probably prefer that Chester not be so impolite when he is a doggy guest at another doggy’s house.
He also got to play a bit with teeny tiny Doti, the new puppy. Doti is a lovely, roundy, 6 week old American Bulldog. She’s completely deaf and that means that she can sleep through any chester related catastrophe. Good for her.
Chester then got to spend the evening at Petsmart where he got treats and stuffed toys and rope toys and whatnot. Wembley the Stuffed Whale lasted all of 20 hours! I need to find a cheaper source of stuffed toys for him.