Today I finally received my last Christmas present of the 2005 holiday season! If he had waited any longer it would have been my birthday present. Alan got me a gift certificate to Penzeys. Sigh….SIGH!
Time to go shopping!
After I opened my present we all went out to get burritos! After meandering Lake st we settled on Taqueria Poblanito. I got the huerache con pollo y arroz y frijoles, Alan got the sopes con chorizo and David got the burrito con vegetarian (er something). Apparently, I am too sibilant when I say things like ‘sin cebollas’ and ‘carnitas’ (carnitas solamente el sabado y domingo). The huerache was a flattened oblong of masa dough with refried beans inside. it was grilled and then covered in chicken, queso fresca and crema. It was really really good. We’ll go there again.
Man, i have so much ging on this weekend and I keep finding out about more. Damn. Summer begins.