On the way into work a bitty little mobile kept drifting into my lane on Park ave. Look, I appreciate how fuel efficient and cute your car is, I really do, but if you don’t signal your intention to be in the center lane, how am I supposed to know you want to be there? How do I know you aren’t drunk or dead? And finally, i do not drive a small, fuel efficient car. I drive a rather heavy, mid-sized old lady car. Don’t drift in front of me without warning, there’s very little between you and your back bumper.
Today I sat at my desk and watched a crow attack something that seemed to be fighting back. I went to investigate thinking it was a baby bird. Sadly, it was a little injured bat. I don’t fault the crow for wanting to eat the bat and I didn’t want to chase him away, I just wish I had the balls to kill the bat to end his suffering. I suck.
2 weeks until my surgery. Don’t feel shy about asking me for my address if you want to send flowers OR, if you are shy about asking, you can use my amazon wishlist to send me things!
Or not, you can just send a card. or an e-card!
My Duplex neighbor moved out this weekend and you know what that means? Wild, raucous monkey-sex in the common areas! BOOYAH! Of course the common areas consist of the entrance foyer and the back stairs to the basement, neither of which are hot or aphrodisiacal in the least.
And, finally, I am learning how to crochet dolls. I have the deconstructed instructions, how to make different sized and shaped heads, limbs and bodies and put them all together. After the surgery and recovery i will be making dolls. And cheese.
PS!!! how could I forget! I totally gave in and got a ringtone that sounds like something. When my phone rings, it plays the A-team theme song. It’s way way way hot. It’s a thrill sort of like hearing the Rocky theme song or Eye of the Tiger, but dorkier. My favorite A-Team episode was the one where Culture Club played the hick trucker bar and everyone loved them!