so long

I leave at ungodly o’clock in the morning to get on my plane to New Orleans. David left yesterday evening and will pick me up at the airport. I joked that it’s the longest drive ever to pick someone up at an airport. I just got a call from his dad letting me know that David will be pulling in around 11pm tonight and all was well.
It’s funny how you get used to someone, get used to haing them around, to their sleep patterns, the way they bring you vitamins every night, the impromptu dance parties in the kitchen. He left yesterday evening and I missed him last night. I missed him today. I’ll see him tomorrow and I am happy about that.
I have trepidation about seeing New Orleans, seeing the damage and and whatnot. I’m hoping I can be helpful at David’s parents house. For all the damage they sustained, it sounds like they have gotten a lot done as well.
I’ll take lots of pictures of everything, the good and the bad. Internet access will likely be sketchy at best, if I get a chance I’ll post, but likely look forward to hearing from me in the new year!
Good luck my peeps, have a wonderful and prosperous new year!
(also, I will miss my dogs!)