I want too much

As I mentioned earlier, Alex gave me the first season of Lost for Christmas and I have been watching religiously this weekend. Man, it really draws you in, but I have to say, it’s a good thing I have this on DVD. I’m far too impatient to watch it on tv. I’d only get irritated if I was made to wait every week for answers. Screw that. I have no patience.
DVD is the way to go.
I love Hurley, I totally do. I want to love Sayid, but you know, the whole torture thing. I don’t care if you feel bad. You shook the devil’s hand. Period.
My thoughts on Intelligent Design? “Life is too complex to have just evolved” = “I am uneducated and things seem too complicated for me to understand so obviously it had to be god and not the science I never bothered to learn”. Asspipes. Just because you never managed to learn things doesn’t mean our children should be subjected to your made up theories.
I need to wrap presents and maybe clean some stuff and put out some holiday cheer. I’m not much for decoration, so you wouldn’t even know the holidays were coming except for all the Target bags and Amazon.com wrapping paper from the gifts I got from people. I have not yet mailed my christmas cards because Stamps.com hasn’t sent my stamps yet. I’ll send them late if I have to. I’m not sending them with boring stamps when I can send them with Ghengis stamps. Hurry up, Stamps.com!
I got nothing else. Today was one of those slow thought days. I’m desperately tired, I need sleep in the worst way. My whole body is dragging. Tonight to bed earlier.