jackass evolved

Ghengis was a rambunctious puppy, an energetic bundle too muscular for his size, too compact for his output. Of course, all puppies have more energy than you can deal with, but Ghengis’ energy combined with his smaller size and concentrated muscles made him a force to be reckoned with. He was 9 months old when I first started dating David, he was at the height of his ‘pain in the assedness’ and that combined with his jealousy at this new person taking over his position as my special little guy.
It took some months, but he calmed down.
Now he’s a chill little fella who cuddles with me when I crochet, allows his stuffed toys to exist longer than 32 minutes, sometimes they live up to 8 or 12 days! Sometimes he naps with them. I suspect he does this just because he knows it will cause me to squeal with delight and shower him with little puppy kisses.
I spend too much time analyzing my dogs. I wish you could see them now, full bellied on Purina One, curled up together on the sofa next to me as I prepare to embark on another baby blanket to scarf conversion adventure.