If I could stay here under your idle caress

and not exit to the world and phoniness and people….
Today I bought my first Christmas present of the year and i love it and I cannot even write about it as the recipient does occasionally read this. But, it is cool and I love it and it follows in the tradition of a gift I buy for someone because I think it would be a gift that would make me happy if I got it.
That is not to be confused with “gifts purchased for other people that you actually want and will probably borrow until you keep them”. That is not a good gift giving strategy.
Of all the people I have to shop for, David is the hardest. I’m at a loss. The man is practicality defined. The gift must be useful for him, it must not be extravagant, it should be tasteful, it should relate to his interests. He has a number of interests that I don’t know much about, guitars, music, camping, games with zombies…
It is very hard for me to shop for David because I want very much for it to be ‘right’ and also within budget. Let me tell you, if i had no budget restraints I’d have 87 things picked out…but then that would violate the whole ‘not extravagant’ thing.
Speaking of budgets, once again I have picked out presents for too many people! I can’t not give gifts to people, I love to do it. Sigh. There is always a way.
In other news…
Found me a dogsitter for when I am in New Orleans! I think she will work out well AND she assured me that if she was not able to do it she would get a back up. How cool? Way cool.
Maddie is losing weight again. Weird. She’s not really in a position to lose any more weight. I’m keeping an eye on her, I worry about her.
Still working on the new site. If you know anything about me (and too many of you know too much about me) you know I work slow. The new site will be up and functional soon. Mark is helping me with design as I have the design talent of a blind toad.
Currently reading Ilium. Amazingly good book. I just cannot get enough of it. Thank you to Alex for the gift. If anyone should feel so inclined to purchase the sequel, Olympos please feel free.
and with that naked plea for gifts I will take off.