They won’t shoot this horse

We went to the vet and he’s not going to die! He has an uncommon, but very mild form of bordatella that they don’t immunize for. He’s on antibiotics for 10 days but can go back to the dog park on Saturday.
He also had blood drawn for his heartworm test, hence the flashy and very handsome bandaid. Ghengis has been to the vet 4 or 5 time for shots and check ups and getting neutered. Today was the only time EVER that I had seen him scared. He was terrified, he cowered down and shivered. It was so sad. Near as I can tell, he was too young before to really know what was going on and was just dopey happy like he always was OR the vet was a guy this time and Ghengis is always a bit reserved around men. I don’t know.
The funny thing about the vet was that he was putting so much effort into assuring me that my dog was okay. He listened to G’s heart and lungs, assured me they were fine then proceeded to tell me how he thought chest x-rays at this point would be a little excessive and just kept telling me he was sure it was minor, and all the symptoms that would mean major that he didn’t see. Dude, you’re the vet, you know your job. If you tell me my dog has a minor respiratory infection, then I’ll believe you. I figure they must see enough hysterical pet owners that they are always on the defensive about their diagnoses or something.
My dog coughs and he has a slightly elevated temp, seems reasonable that it would be something to be dealt with but not something major and life threatening.
David and I are off to dinner. mmm Thai food! (sorry, April, you’re not invited).