cough cough

Ghengis seems to have picked up a cough, poor little guy. I didd a little research and apparently dogs cough for completely benign reasons (dust allergies) or incredibly awful reasons (heartworm, roundworm, bordatella, distemper). There’s no real middle ground with a dog cough, so off to the vet tomorrow evening. It’s entirely likely that he picked something up at the dog park. I have him inoculated against everything and he’s on heartworm medication, but there are other things you can’t immunize them against. The frustrating thing is that a lot of the things passed between dogs could be kept to a minimum if the owners would clean up after their dogs at the dog park.
It’s really that simple, if you keep to a minimum the medium of transmission by picking it up and throwing it away, you could help prevent other dogs from getting sick.
Oh well, let’s hope it’s nothing terribly serious.
In other news…
Nothing really. It’s been a slow day. I injested HUGE amounts of caffeine and that helped to alleviate most of the pms/migraine/grogginess. It won’t help the insomnia, but then not much eveer does.
Anybody want to help me pack up all my crap? i’ll buy you pizza and beer! Actually, I just want pizza and beer.