So I go out and take the dog to the dog park and walk the perimeter a couple times (it’s a big park, there’s a lot of walking to be had), the walk did me some good, less cranky now.
I’m also less cranky because it was reaffirmed for me that no matter how much my life might be bugging me at the moment there will always…ALWAYS…be someone who hates their life more AND their coping skills are so bad that you have no choice but to realize that you’ve got it pretty good.
Tonight I met a woman I’ll call Mary. She hates her job AND she’s completely clingy and desperate to share her pain with you. She kept asking me about myself and my job and weaving my short answers into her longer diatribe about how awful things are.
* People will stab you in the back any chance they get.
* The christian funeral care business is rather cut-throat.
* She spent ten years as one of the best sales managers in the district only to be shoved out by people with no ethics or moral compass.
* Her christian co-workers won’t train her to do new things at the funeral home.
* Now (NOW) is the BEST time for me to make my funeral arrangements, I can lock in 2005 prices and the longer I live the better a deal it will be. (I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of investment scheme paid off at the time of your death).
* The biggest mistake you can make at a job is to train in your coworkers because they will learn and then pass you up, leaving you behind to flounder. I wanted to point out the inherent flaw in this logic, but the dog was tangling with a ridgeback and I thought I should intercede.
As I left she continued to holler at me, “It’s so nice to finally meet one human being who is not obsessed with money…you know people only care about money…you’re not like that…”
I’m not like that. Good for me.
Everyone needs a daily Mary affirmation, go, now, to your local dog park or crazy house and have Mary show you the way.