Land ho

Yeah, I just called you a ‘ho, deal with it.
Dang, yo! So i went away and had this fantastic trip. The absolute epitome of a vacation. I had absolutely no reason to go but to get out of town and relax, no tasks to be delat with while gone, nobody bugging me with their issues (jesus, I could write a book on the number of vacations and trips I’ve had recently that started with someone’s pissed off email or needy text message or SOMETHING that requires that some percentage of my focus on my trip be aimed at them the whole time I’m gone). The people who contacted me while on vacation were well wishers, people happy that I was having a good time and people who missed me while I was gone.
I went on vacation and I saw many things and ran to many places and ate many things AND also relaxed. It was too too perfect and there is no way for me to thank Alex for making all this possible for me. There was nothing on this trip that I wanted to see or do that I missed out on. Alex made sure that my list of Key West hopes and dreams were completely fulfilled.
It is an amazing and beautiful thing to have somebody in your life who is willing and able to put so much effort into making sure you are happy. If you have one of these people, don’t forget to appreciate them.
Alex was also incredibly patient listening to me ramble on about my puppy and David, the two topics that sit at the front of my mind almost constantly.
Alex and I are doing a photo exchange soon and then we will get our photos up for you to envy!
Let’s see, what else is going on in my life….
Reading Perdido Street Station and it truly is as wonderful as the reviews. The imagery is rich and detailed, the story moves along taking you with it. He does an excellent job of putting you in this distinct and different city without making you feel like the whole story has stopped so that he can tell you what things look like. My only beef with the book (at 1/2 way through) is that there just seem to be too many coincidental involvements. When I describe the book I found myself saying “and that just happens to be the person involved in this” too often. Excellent book and thanks to Mark for recommending it to me.
“you got brain issues.”
“brain issues?!?”
“yeah, you got brain issues”
My skin has started peeling off. I look like a victim of radiation poisoning, which I guess is accurate. I look terrible. I could scare kids. More than usual, even.
Saw ‘Sin City’ this weekend. I had mixed feelings about it as I was watching it, but I liked it more and more as I thought about it later. A few of the thing that rubbed me the wrong way (unrealistic dialogue, excessive violence) were intentional and important to the whole movie so I guess it would be like disliking the asthetics of a hot dog bun when it has to be shaped that way to serves its own purpose. Or something.
To the people who assk how I can have feet so small and still stand, the answer is “I can’t”. As I do often, yesterday I fell down aand twisted my ankle a bit at the dog park. It happens. It’s a little tender today but no worse for the wear.
Have I mentioned how much I love taking the dog to the dog park? Because I really really do.
Alright my foamy peeps and peepettes, I’m off to all things fascinatingly mine. Your job is to bug me until I get Key West stuff posted.