Mugged in broad daylight by a man in a speedo!

Okay, first order of business…
Yesterday one of my coworkers brought me a page from GQ with places you should and should not vacation in when you’re alone. Key West got a big write up as a great place to travel alone, she brought it to me because I’m going. In exchange I will eat conch fritters for her. Of the places you should not go alone, Rio de Janeiro was listed for the reason listed in the title of this post. The title of the previous post was the series of events that would happen if you went to Amsterdam alone. Of course when I read that I immediately asked where I could sign up for a trip like that!
The dog’s nickname this week is biscuit foot. He has feet like biscuits.
My hair is the shortest it has ever been in my entire life barring the moment of my birth. It’s short. SHORT SHORT. It’s also almost all my natural color, too, but that won’t last. Hair gets dyed on Sunday after the open house. I’m going with red and pink for my trip, hopefully it will turn out.
The cafeteria here at the school makes awful food. Just terrible stuff that they overcharge for. However, they do make excellent banana chocolate chip muffins and it is taking all of my willpower to not eat them.
I did not get terrible greasy takeout food last night. Sigh. I decided to behave myself. I took the dog for a long walk and then ate a frozen turkey dinner and some Sun Chips. If that isn’t the most pathetic meal ever, i don’t know what it. Actually, I do know what the most pathetic meal ever is. It’s pretty sad. You only eat it alone and you have to share with the dog.
Okay, I just got a muffin. I’m eating it. I don’t actually want it. I probably won’t finish it.
Breakfast is 9am Sunday at Sobas! So far there are 6 of us. Let me know if you can make it!
Alex posed the question “If you were stuck in “Fahrenheit 451” which book would you be? Which book would you choose to memorize so that you might pass it on to future generations. Alex picked the Gulag Archipelago, David said (in so many words) that he would rather create something new. I picked “A Confederacy of Dunces” because the window it provides to our society is so skewed and so amusing. I do so love that book.
So what about you? What book would you read?
my god this is a day I should not be inside for! So beautiful here.
hupo and the bat