A Scandal in Bohemia

My coworkers in the office next to mine like to listen to conservative talk radio. They like being conservative and they like repeating those things they’ve heard on Rush or whatever they listen to. Now, I’m very much a liberal, but I appreciate different views and don’t begrudge them their political leanings at all…
except…quite often their facts are wrong and this makes me crazy. They’re making arguments based on incorrect information about peoples and places. It makes me insane.
Believe what you want to believe, argue your point, but base your arguments on actual research and facts. Remember that repeating what a politcal pundit spouted off is not research, remember that those who are biased are not going to give you the most accurate information. I mean this for all sides of the political spectrum.
I read Salon every day, the articles are interesting and whatnot. My problem with Salon is that they are so liberally biased that I don’t really trust all their political writings. I’m aware of this and take it with a grain of salt and do other research n other places for those issues that take my interest.
Consider your sources people. A biased opinion is not research, and false data and incorrect assumptions will not support your argument.