Oh! Tet comfort dat wij hebben gedeeld

I’m getting better at converting regular recipes to vegetarian recipes. Obviously, this is not an issue with most things, it’s easy enough to take out the meat or use a different protein like tofu or beans or whatever. Tonight, I went crazy and made veggie and dumplings. It’s simmering away right now. Smells so good.
I’m getting better at this, problem was retraining myself. I’d been shying away from carbs, eggs and a whole passel of veggies. It was almost pavlovian and I had to retrain myself. The results are happifying!
I need to get back in the habit of having homemade seitan on hand. I use this recipe, but I’ve modified it quite a bit to suit my uses. It’s an excellent recipe.
Okay, I just got my bowl and I’m in heaven! So good. Next time I need to make more stew to go with the amount of dumplings (or halve the dumpling recipe). It’s thick and comforting and you don’t really miss the chicken at all. I added some tvp I found in the pantry, you can find it but the bits are pretty small and get lost.
For the record, I’m not vegetarian, I just keep dating them.