i know…i know

So I’ve been going on and on about the lime popsicles that I will eat in Key West. In my head I was picturing an almost non-stop supply of cool green treats at my disposal.
Suddenly, I couldn’t figure out where I’d gotten this idea from. Did someone tell me about these lime popsicles? did I just assume that the abundance of lime juice and and the heat would drive people to produce lime popsicles? why is there a weird midgety dude walking around outside? Did I dream of lime popsicles and forget they weren’t true?
I consulted with Alex and he confirmed that the lime popsicles did exist. Success!
I also just had to explain to him that the Keys were, in my mind
* Lime Popsicles
* Beach
* Seafood at every meal
* A grizzled old man selling giant avocados from a rolling red cart (or so the picture on the tourist website told me)
I imagine the Keys being some cross between Tybee Island and South Beach. We’ll see what happens.
The Keys are the new Ghengis. I used to write about Ghengis all the time, now I write about my upcoming trip. When I get back I’ll tell you about the trip then get back to Ghengis.
Also, I really am trying to get an episode up before I go. I’m hoping to get the cell phone pictures up before the trip then vacation pictures up after.