Dear David: Long Version

So happy Valentine’s Day and hooray! It’s been fun so far.
I hadn’t intended to get serious about someone for a while. I just figured on some fun dating and maybe friendship. I hadn’t expected that you would be so you.
Here we are, giddily happy, goofy in our fun. Why am I happy? You’re kind, you’re sweet, you’re thoughtful. You remember things that I talk about. You pick me up and spin me around. You read to me while I color in coloring books. You like (like? tolerate?) my dog. You worry about my health and try to get me to eat better (good luck, a few have tried, no one has succeeded yet). You laugh at my goofy jokes. You happily eat everything I put in front of you.
You comfort me when i’m upset, wake me when my sleep is restless and hold me in your arms as I drift off.
There are times I worry, moments I think I would have made a better girlfriend if you had found me a year from now. My life would have been more in order, my focus would have been entirely on my future and not as weighted by the past. What can I do about this? Nothing, and there is nothing I would change. The timing isn’t perfect, but nothing ever is and we go with this.
Thank you, baby.
Happy Valentines Day!
ps don’t be late for dinner or I will cry!