Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Ghengis!!

He’s a year old today! We’ve got presents, Frosty Paws, cake, treats and maybe evven party hats!
(am I a grown woman celebrating her dog’s birthday? Yes, yes I am.).

Dear Breyers

Fuck You! Seriously, when does 1.75 quarts equal 1/2 gallon??? You assholes are slowly making your 1/2 gallons smaller and thinking we won’t notice. You got me once you dick patrols but I’d rather shove my money up a fat donkey’s butt than buy your incredibly shrinking product.
I hate you


Every time the dog stands up to look out the window he farts. I think it has to do with the way he’s stretching or something. Why do I have to hear this every 20 minutes.
Sorry, nothing more of interest to write right now. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my day doing very little. (made pancakes for breakfast again, this time with blueberries, yum).
Wait, I just found THESE. If you’re a Bosch fan or you just like fucked up creepy shit buy one (for me!).


A couple of posts ago I had written something angry altogether inappropriate about my ex. There was a misunderstanding, I took something she had said, assumed it was about me without checking first and went off.
I should have checked first, I sometimes forget about that. Often times I just react, sometimes more than I should.
So to Jen, I apologize. I should have asked you first. Sorry.