hi ho

Let’s make a list, shall we?
* Whenever anyone says “hi ho” to me I yell, “what did you just call me??”. Never gets old to catch people off guard.
* The word ‘hamster’ does not have a ‘p’ in it. It is not spelled ‘hampster’.
* 89.3 ‘The Current’. If you’re in the twin cities area give it a listen. Not bad and that’s coming from someone who hates radio.
* I also hate dance music. The repetition is not redeemed by the banal lyrics. Go be a rainbow up your own ass, people.
* I have 2 bathrooms in my house, the most convenient one has been out of commission (at least toilet-wise) for almost a month. The toilet is fabulous and pink and made up entirely of parts not to be found anywhere on the planet and if one more person tells me to just go to Home Depot and get the generic replacement parts I will shove a ballcock up their asses. The generic parts don’t fit, do you think I hadn’t thought of that? Anyway, nothing sucks more than having to go down to the super cold bathroom at two am. The tub looks mighty tempting at 2am.
* Have you ever considered the metaphysical beauty of The Highwayman. I hadn’t either.
* At work we can share our iTunes playlists over the network. Chuck’s rock mix is cool, Kris has far too much Dolly Parton, and whoever put up BVD Beats rules.
* So, it’s an hour after I started this and I am now the proud owner of a functioning pink toilet. HUZZAH people!!! I can piss in comfort now.
* Is it uncouth to use the word ‘piss’ on an entry? Is it because I’m a girl?
* Latin dance class starts in an hour, I’m feeling like puking.
* I’ve been in love 3 times in my life. Once turned into a relationship that spanned my adult life and ended. Once was just never meant to be, circumstances being what they are. We’ve drifted apart and I miss that person. Once was foolish on my part, I got my heart broken. I was hurt, I cried, I got over it and we remained friends. I look forward to falling in love again, be it once or many times over. No matter how it ends, it’s always worth it.
* I don’t know what kind of shoes to wear to dance class. Sneakers for comfort or something more dance like?
* Coffee and cigarettes. My vices are back.
* I am more cynical than I should be but less than I could be.
* I can’t wait for spring and mapping the stars.
* I’m off to dance. aye aye aye!!!