Standard Weekend Recap

1. My space bar is jitzy right now, please excuse any mashed together words i may have missed in editing. Not that i really edit all that much, perfectionism is for people who like to create more work than they know what to do with. i have fun things to do. So forgive the space bar issue, that’s not directly my fault (the uncapitalized words are my fault, lazy shift keying. it’s been my nemesis forever)
2. Don’t hold a “fists of power” rally in the shower with your boyfriend if there’s someone in the house that doesn’t like you very much. it only pisses them off to not be invited (or to have to hear the rally in the first place, who knows).
3. nothing, and i mean nothing, will cheer you faster than watching a dog with 6 inch legs running through 8-10 inches of snow.
4. dogs really really really like frozen banana. Seriously, they will grovel endlessly for a bite.
4a. relatedly, the choco-banana kits they sell at the grocery store are way fun (again i suspect this is just a ploy to get me to eat bananas, but i don’t care), they don’t involve any banana stretching, but meh, what are you gonna do.
5. Apparently, when my sister brings new boyfriends to meet friends and family it’s not my dad or mom or even grandfather that scares them the most. it’s been agreed that the big hurdle in boyfriend or new friend approval is me. me! WTF? i’m the member of the family that scares the new guy the most, i’m the meanest of all of us. i hadn’t realized this. i guess it’s true, i’m always protective of those i care about, perhaps overly so in some cases (lesson learned, trust me).
6. Ballroom dancing? 5′ tall me, 6’2″ him? the comedy just writes itself. We’ll see if we can get signed up.
7. nesting. damn the weather has me desperately wanting to cook, bake, hibernate, cook, go crazy!
8. All about anal sex. Whodathunkit?
9. new carpet smells bad. upsettingly so. It’s cheap carpet put in the help sell the house. i took way too much time off work to deal with it. i hate eating up my vacation time on things that aren’t vacation related. On the other hand, i kept forgetting to go to the store and buy a lint trap and apparently that’s enough to call into question my independence and responsibility. Oh well, soon this whole messy saga will be over and she’ll have to sublimate that urge to boss people around into something else.
10. this is a good round number, let’s end it on something happy…i made pancakes for my sister and the boy this morning, then spent the day doing laundry and reading while the boy played bass with the music playing in the background. So stress free and relaxing. We also danced variations on the chinasaur dance and hurt our bellies laughing as we tried to imitate each other (mostly him imitating me since I’m such a spaz).