The wrong insult

You know you’re too fucking science geeky when you insult someone by saying, “do you have trisomy 18 or something?”. The closest you get to anyone knowing what you might be talking about is the (very) few people who say, “Down Syndrome??”. Then you have to say, “No, that’s trisomy 21, this is Edwards syndrome, it’s worse.”
So I’m back to calling people fatuous, at least I can send them to to look it up if they don’t know it (though, really, it’s more fitting when they don’t)


Advice in an email from my grandfather…
Keep the faith! This will allow you any and all the latitude you will ever need.
Of course, being an eternal atheist he’s not speaking religiously which helps him connect with his atheist granddaughter.
Oh, my poor Catholic mom sandwiched between the heathens.
Anyway, it’s good advice and a comfort to read at 8:45 in the morning as you sit here waiting for the carpet guys to get here.