I’m back from New Orleans, got back Friday night completely exhausted and without energy. The most I could manage was driving to the gas statin to get snack food (word of warning, Dove Chocolate now makes ice cream. Don’t bother. It sucks harder than a veteran whore at a dental convention. No lie. At all.). I spent Saturday chillin and then had to go to my dad’s for a little new years thing. I drove through the dangerous ice storm, fishtailing and spinning the whole way. It was a nice party but I picked up a case of food poisoning. So, my plan to ‘buckle down’ get things cleaned on sunday didn’t really pan out considering how much time I spent either in the bathroom or wishing my bed were my final resting place.
On the brighter side…
I did manage to get my laundry done (though not put away, that’s today). I also realized that I have two empty bedrooms up here now that I’m living alone and I don’t have a guest room any more. I took all the boxes that had been crammed in MY closet over the months and transferred them to another room. Nice.
David arrived home last night (he drove to and from New Orleans, I flew). I had missed him terribly. He gave me the rest of my Christmas present and I spent 30 minutes laughing hysterically. My favorite part was the giant hippo figurine, but coming in a close second is the picture of Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villachaiz waving goodbye to the visitors leaving Fantasy Island relabelled as “David and Heather waving goodbye…” because I am so short and he is so tall. We’re goofy together.
We also gave each other the same SpongeBob coloring book!
Okay, I need to get out of bed. I’ll leave you with a picture of me holding hands with Ignatius J Reilly…
Good day, y’all!