A chance encounter

At Target last night buying the odds and ends for Christmas and personal well being. Wandered to the health and beauty section to pick up the last item.
‘Calculatedly good-looking suburban white guy’ and i go down the same aisle together to get what we need. My item comes in boxes of 12 and 36, I need the box of 36 but there are 3 of the 12 packs hanging on the peg in front of the box of 36 that I want. Pulling the 3 small boxes off then grabbing my economy pack I feel success. Mr Guy comes back down the aisle towards me and we glance at each other.
He’s holding a giant box of tampons as though they were tainted with nuclear waste, I’m standing there holding 72 condoms in my hands (only wanting to buy 36, mind you). In an instant, our eyes said everything that needed to be said. We both knew who was going to have fun.
It was sad to see a man look so defeated in such a short span of time.
As an afterword…
I bought my condoms last night and arranged the ones I had by expiration date (doesn’t really matter since they get used regularly and the expiration dates are for sometime in 2007, but…you know). This morning I got to work and a friend had sent me a large package of condoms to make sure I had a happy and healthy holiday season.