Here we go

Woo, yeah so it’s been busy busy, time for the patented (and highly fascinating) bulleted list…
* Yeah, the rumours are true. His name is David.
* Going to New Orleans for the week after Christmas. Looking forward to good food, the aquarium, warm weather, all that good stuff.
* You can’t use an iPod with gloves on. I didn’t know this. Something about making a circuit with the buttons, you need fleshy contact. On very cold mornings it is not uncommon to see me licking the buttons on my iPod.
* I did not leave the house this weekend. I went out briefly so the dog could pee and I could smoke but I went nowhere. Friday night I relaxed in a bubble bath with a bottle of wine while I waited for the boy. Saturday i made rack of lamb for dinner with the boy and my hairdresser. Sunday was all about chilling and watching movies. No need to leave. Excellent.
* People are still telling me I look like I’ve lost weight, i still maintain that without evidence of a massive tumor or tapeworm it can’t be possible.
* Ghengis is being boarded for the first time (no, not ‘boarded by aliens’ but in a kennel). He’s at that age where he’s all puppy craziness and he’s full size and he is without adult dog control. He’ll be staying at a pretty nice kennel for the week I am in New Orleans. This will take the pressure off my dad to watch him.
* I need to finish Christmas shopping. Better hope you have an amazon wishlist because I’m too damned busy to care.
* Speaking of Christmas, this is the first Christmas in a long time without any decorations and I’m pretty okay with that. I was never much of a Christmas person, I prefer Thanksgiving to all other holidays, but I did the Christmas thing every year and it was kind of fun. In the ‘Official Division of Community Property’ I let Jen take the Christmas stuff as it was definitely more her thing than mine. No tree, no ornaments, no decorations and I’m actually pretty happy with that. I think I’ll take a couple years off Christmas and see what happens. Sadly, this DOES mean that I’m not sending out Christmas cards this year. So if you normally got a card from me, you probably won’t this year. It’s not that I don’t care, but…you know.
* Saw Garden State last night. Not a bad movie, felt like if he had waited 5 years to write it and make it the movie would have felt a little more cohesive. I was struck at the end by the falling in love bit. How can you fall in love with someone in 4 days? I’ll admit that i tend to be more cynic than romantic, but still, 4 days is an awful short time, that’s hardly love.
* I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love my hairdresser with all the dirtiness in the world. When I say, “I’m thinking of going with blue next time” he immediately describes how we will do icy blue hair with dark blue highlights. Love him.
* I can not for the life of me ever remember my log in names or passwords for my credit card’s websites so i can pay them online. Every account I have requires 4 or 5 attempts with various combinations of log ins and passwords. The problem with (or the saving grace depending on how you look at it) bank and credit card sites is that they have slightly more stringent requirements for log in names and passwords. I can’t just use my standard log ins because I need to have passwords be longer than usual and I have to include a number in there somewhere. I know, I do appreciate that it is harder to log in to than say your standard internet forum, but still…I’m not smart enough to remember this shit!
until next time, folks. I hope to come up with something more interesting. I have photos that need to be posted, I’ll try to get those up here.