For Fuck’s Sake!

Why didn’t I know about this???
Dear Planet,
I was wearing my black hoodie because I was too busy (lazy) to hang up my laundry and my shirts were all wrinkled. I am not part of any mosh related hoodie wearing coalition of dumbasses, I’m simply very busy (lazy).
Thank you
Jesus, I fucking went to the polls in a black hoodie, i feel like such a tardmeister. No, I don’t feel targeted or oppressed or intimidated or obstructed. No, I don’t want to send a great big ‘fuck you’ to ‘the man’. Good Christ, in all honesty, I’m like halfway to being ‘the man’, I’m all about oppressing YOUR sorry asses.
People, stop acting like there’s oppression where there isn’t! Seriously, go out and fight some real oppression and stop playing around like a progressive 70’s tv show. Go fight lamb prices! That’s where the real oppression is! The man’s trying to keep me from enjoying lamb regularly because by artificially driving the prices up.
IN FACT! I dare each and every one of you to put on some common article of clothing like say, PANTS, and go buy some beets in order to STICK IT TO THE MAN.
I hate you guys.
In other news, I voted, blah blah blah. Short lines, not bad, tasted like chicken.