Weekend Redux

This was one of those weekends you wish would never end. One of the best weekends in months.
Made an appointment with the real estate agent in Baltimore for 8/12. I have floor plans and paperwork and will be flying out to look at properties and (if things go well, and how could they not since things have been on the up and up for some time now) I’ll pick a place and put through the paperwork. This is a call to my east coast homies…I’ll be in Baltimore/DC from 8/11 to 8/15, if I haven’t already contacted you, email me, we’ll party or dinner or whatever.
Friday night I revelled in having the house to myself. Made dinner, hung out with the puppy, talked to friends, harassed the easily harassed.
Saturday, Lumberjack days with Alan (note to Alan: get a website already so I can link to you. Even the very fatuous have websites, so should you. Think of it as a forum where you can rant about USBank’s lack of punctuation and your issues with 35W and 35E). Lumberjack days isn’t quite as exciting as it sounds. Mostly, it’s a few hours in the sun people watching. They have timbersports (FUN!) but you either have to get there super early to get a seat or you have to stand to the side and not see much. We wandered the streets of Stillwater drinking in the sites (‘oh no, did she choose to wear that or did she loose a bet?’) and eating ice cream. I made dinner, we relaxed, we watched movies. It was more fun than it sounds.
Today my dad had a big bbq. He looked at the paperwork for the places I am looking at in Baltimore. He was appropriately sad that I was moving, but incredibly supportive in that dad way. He also assured me that I was, in fact, rather charming and that those that didn’t agree were probably mildly retarded at best. He’s a good dad. I’m still buzzing on the 4 beers I had with dinner and the puppy is passed out from many hours of play with the other dogs.
Sigh. Now the weekend comes to an end and the fun gets shelved. This week I need to really start sorting and packing and getting things moving. Big house party on Saturday, almost everyone’s invited. In town? Wanna come? Email me and i’ll fill you in on the details.
I promise more coherent postings later in the week. It’s hard to be coherent right now, so much going, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, I hate moving but I love what I am moving to. Exciting.