Typhoid Mary

So I’ve been sick. Really sick. Sicker than I thought I was. I stupidly decided to go to work today, and I almost didn’t make it. The world seemed so surreal and strange. Overpasses kept freaking me out. I got to work, sat in my boss’ office for ten minutes to catch my breath and called my mother in law to see if she’d take me to Urgent Care as I didn’t think I should continue driving.
I got to Urgent Care and they poked and looked and prodded and declared me sick. Really sick. My lung capacity was super low, so they hooked me up to some machine to force medicine into my lungs to open them up. I had to breathe in and out of a tube that made a foul tasting mist.
Apparently, if you breath out too much or something it causes your blood pressure to drop like 50 points all of a sudden. At least that was the best understanding I got of the doctor’s explanation before I hit the floor.
So I’ve got 10 days worth of kick-everything’s-ass antibiotics, 3 days of prednisone to get the fluid out of my lungs and an inhaler, the importance of which was lost on me.