Run, Heather, Run

Holy crap! So busy! Jay gets here Thursday!! Thursday. Guest room is put together but will need to be tidied. Tomorrow I go to dinner with my dad. Then Jay on Thursday. Then we show him the sites of Minneapolis (stop laughing).
All leading up to…
The Deep South Road Trip!!!
Yes, the three of us will be winging down to Nashville, Lynchburg, Memphis, Tunica, Natchez and New Orleans starting Saturday.
I’ve prepared for nothing.
Well I got my hair cut today and I bought pajamas. I’m not packed, I don’t have snacks in the house for my sister who is graciously house sitting. I feel like I can’t get caught up at work. I’m full of misplaced anxiety.
Vacations are supposed to be fun but I’m reduced to rambling on to you 18 anonymous strangers.
Keep watching, I’ll be posting from the road. I’ll be posting unless Jenni and Jay decide to hog tie me and keep me in the trunk of the car. Wish me luck in my escape.