Run, Heather, Run

Holy crap! So busy! Jay gets here Thursday!! Thursday. Guest room is put together but will need to be tidied. Tomorrow I go to dinner with my dad. Then Jay on Thursday. Then we show him the sites of Minneapolis (stop laughing).
All leading up to…
The Deep South Road Trip!!!
Yes, the three of us will be winging down to Nashville, Lynchburg, Memphis, Tunica, Natchez and New Orleans starting Saturday.
I’ve prepared for nothing.
Well I got my hair cut today and I bought pajamas. I’m not packed, I don’t have snacks in the house for my sister who is graciously house sitting. I feel like I can’t get caught up at work. I’m full of misplaced anxiety.
Vacations are supposed to be fun but I’m reduced to rambling on to you 18 anonymous strangers.
Keep watching, I’ll be posting from the road. I’ll be posting unless Jenni and Jay decide to hog tie me and keep me in the trunk of the car. Wish me luck in my escape.

Persephone’s return

We did not rake last fall and our neighbors silently called us slackers, condemned us with their eyes. Well, there wasn’t a lot of snow this winter and the grass got all freezer burnt. NOT MY GRASS. Already i have green grass because I protected my grass with leaves. Slacker? No, my friend, environmentalist!


I’ve been reading a number of web journals and blogs and other blatherings not unlike my own for a while now. With the start of the war all I read about is the war.
Fair enough, it’s big and terrible news.
The funny thing is that everyone is writing about what they’ve seen on the news, or how irritated they are with various broadcasts, or the quality of one video source compared to another. Some people are commenting on how somber everyone is, while someone else is commenting on how the newscasters look all too happy.
I can’t relate because I’ve not seen a single moment of television coverage. My TV is in the family room which is in another part of the house. The family room is hard to keep warm and requires a certain amount of effort if you want to go there (I’m part of the MTV generation, I can’t just watch TV, I must have my laptop with me as well as my cell phone and 11,098 other high tech, multi-colored gadgets). So I don’t see a lot of TV. Ever.
I wish I could say that I didn’t watch a lot of TV because it rots your brain or because I have smarter things to do. No, I don’t see a lot of TV because of a serious lack of personal inertia.
On the other hand, my anxiety level about the war is probably a few notches lower than yours.


The other day my car told me to change the battery in the key remote. My car told me this. Seriously, a little message popped up on the dashboard display to tell me that the battery in my remote had gotten low and I should replace it. I didn’t have to wait for it to die to figure out it was low, my car told me in advance that I should change it.
Now this is my question to the rest of the planet, do you honestly believe that in a world where you can own a car that would tell you the state of the battery in the remote anyone would really, truly support George Bush? The answer is no. You have to believe me when I say that we aren’t supporting him. We aren’t. A world that produces automobiles that give friendly reminders is not a world that has room for small-dicked, power-hungry, coke-addled miscreants and their personal puppeteers.
Not that I am highly opinionated or anything.

12 steps

It’s good to admit things, to let them out and free ourselves from the burden of secrecy.
When I was 12 years old I had a poster of Jon Bon Jovi over my bed and a poster of Vince Neil on the wall.
I don’t feel better, but I do hope you feel as dirty as I do.