I’ve been reading a number of web journals and blogs and other blatherings not unlike my own for a while now. With the start of the war all I read about is the war.
Fair enough, it’s big and terrible news.
The funny thing is that everyone is writing about what they’ve seen on the news, or how irritated they are with various broadcasts, or the quality of one video source compared to another. Some people are commenting on how somber everyone is, while someone else is commenting on how the newscasters look all too happy.
I can’t relate because I’ve not seen a single moment of television coverage. My TV is in the family room which is in another part of the house. The family room is hard to keep warm and requires a certain amount of effort if you want to go there (I’m part of the MTV generation, I can’t just watch TV, I must have my laptop with me as well as my cell phone and 11,098 other high tech, multi-colored gadgets). So I don’t see a lot of TV. Ever.
I wish I could say that I didn’t watch a lot of TV because it rots your brain or because I have smarter things to do. No, I don’t see a lot of TV because of a serious lack of personal inertia.
On the other hand, my anxiety level about the war is probably a few notches lower than yours.