They only come after dark

Last night, after we were done chatting and laughing and making fun of you, I rolled over to go to sleep. My mind wandered and after a bit I faded out.
Then I saw HIM in the doorway coming at me. He took up the whole space and I didn’t know how he got in there.
I shrieked. I jumped and screamed and let loose some bad ass terror fighting vocals.
And Jen screamed with me.
And he disappeared, he was never there, but she kept screaming so I kept screaming. And we screamed bloody murder for an eternity. Finally I had to scream at her that there was nothing there, I had dreamed it.
So what did I see? A man, a huge man, filling up the entire doorway and coming at me. And what was so special about this man? Besides the obvious fear of invasion played out by this sudden nightmare, what else could possibly be wrong? His head. Yeah, his head was a combination cheese grater/juice pitcher. Some giant Tupperware demon of convenience invaded my psyche and set me to shrieking at 1am.
Good night.