On my desk I have a frame. Tasteful, understated brushed nickel or something. Matting inside for 4 photos.
Top Left:
Jen and I together in San Antonio on the grounds of a Mission. It is February, overcast, damp, chilled. The grass is green and the trees are bare. I am always surprised by how green the grass is. I like this picture because we rarely get pictures together, we rarely invite other people along. My mom took this picture.
Top Right:
Chloe laying on the throw pillows on the couch. Why did I pick that shade of pink for my couch? Why green pillows on pink? The colors are bright, my cat looks healthy and happy. Grateful that I have a couch, that I can afford down-filled throw pillows, that my cat likes me. Don’t forget that the little things are often more than most people have.
Bottom Right:
Jen looking out the window of a Mission in San Antonio. She looks happy. Happier than someone who has been traveling across the country for 9 days. Happier than someone who knows they will be at work in 3. The wall behind her is plaster painted muted grey, looks like the background screen in school pictures.
Bottom Left:
Chicago. I go to Chicago 2 or 3 times a year to shop. I always take the same lame pictures, as though I had never seen the architecture before. This picture is taken from Lake Shore Drive. Buckingham Fountain in the front, Red Building behind, Sears Tower peeking from behind the Red Building. Overcast sky accentuates the bright red of the building. I always photograph that red building. Don’t know what it is, but the red is defiant, the red doesn’t care that it is just a plain rectangle in a sea of architectural wonder, it is red and it catches my eye faster than any other building in the whole city.