Games I play with my cat

Covert Kitten Attack:
You sit on the toilet, Chiva jumps up on the tub in from of you, but behind the shower curtain. You have to try to poke her without her attacking your finger first. She gives no indication that she can see your finger until she attacks it.
Hide and seek and tag
This one is the hardest to explain. Basically, Chiva goes into one room and I go into another. Then we sneak peeks at each other. After a while one of us tries to sneak to the other’s room. If you successfully make it to the room then you and the cat scream and dash out to the living room. If you get caught then you have to pick another room (there are 5 on this hallway) and start over.
The cats love this one. I stand in the living room and bounce a super ball off the front wall so that it ricochets down the hall. Then the cats go tearing after it. Chiva will bring it back in her mouth, the others lay on it. A variation is to just make it ricochet off the walls in the living room. Cats also love this, but I think it is only a matter of time before I get in trouble over this one.