Remember on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ when you earned money to use towards buying things in the cool display ‘rooms’? You always hoped that the good people got the cool rooms and the dorky people got the lame room with the Precious Moments collectibles and vomit colored artwork to choose from. I always wanted someone to pick the giant Toblerone Bar. What I really wanted was for someone to choose the giant Toblerone Bar and then through a series of odd circumstances it would end up in my possession. The circumstances changed each time, but the giant swiss prism of chocolate was always mine.
While we are on the subject, let’s talk about the Showcase Showdown on ‘The Price is Right’. My favorite days were the days when one person got the trip to every single country on the planet, plus a jacuzzi, ski’s, a giant Toblerone Bar and a BRAND NEW CAR (okay maybe not the chocolate) and the other contestant got a popcorn cart, cheap dinnerware, carpeting and a toilet paper cozy. I bet you don’t even get to pick the carpet color, or if you do you have to choose from remnants and manufacturer defects.