Dear Spoober,
I know you have a crush on me. Don’t worry, I will not be mad. Just remember, Spud, I am your friend.

pet option

“If I dig the pit myself, can i get a Tapir?” I asked, hoping against hope for a positive response.
She looked at me with disbelief and declared it to be the most bizarre thing said all week.
Prospects seem slim at this point but I will keep you posted.

Further Evidence of my Pending Insanity

Spent the entire day trying to figure why a page using code that i had just copied and pasted from another page wasnt working. Spent hours of my time and Jen’s time trying to figure it out. IT WOULDN”T WORK! The variables were right, the names in the database and the form were right. WHAT WAS I DOING WRONG??!
HMMM, perhaps if you are coding a page that requires you to pull information from a database, maybe (and this is just a suggestion) you should include the code that CONNECTS YOU TO THE GODDAMMED DATABASE.