Holy crap! Time is flying faster than a monkey with a Milton Berle figurine up its own butt!!

We’re moving! We’re doing it!
This is where I would moan on and on about how much I hate packing and moving. I’ve already done that and you know that. So, please, take a minute to close your eyes and imagine how much I don’t like it. Now imagine it again!..
David and the chickens
It’s going to be so much work but it will definitely be worth it.
The thing is, we’ve got a large, sort of nebulous goal and we’ve got a big, indistinct sort of map. We’re going to be trying a lot of new stuff and we’re going to have problems and make mistakes and screw shit up and stand up and try again.
Your smirks? I can see them. You’re not good at hiding them.
But, it doesn’t matter. David and I are a really good team and we’re excited! Except about the actual packing… we’re not excited about that. But you already know that.
The hardest thing of all? Leaving my sweet little niece! Every time I see her she is less of a lump and more of a person. I’m going to miss all those little changes.
How do I say goodbye to this?



Executive Viivi

Speaking of the moving and the goodbyes!! We’ve got 2 goodbye functions planned. If you haven’t seen them on Facebook and you want to join us please email, or ravelry message or facebook message or write your request on a 9×13 pan of brownies and get them to me and I will give you the details. We’ve got a bbq and pancakes!
New hair, new sunglasses

On practicality and not paying attention

The perfect boxes for packing books for moving are the 12 pack beer boxes. Unfortunately, most of those boxes were filled with donation books and carted to their new homes never to return to me. So, I rectified that situation! I went and got a box from the liquor store, cost me some dollars but was filled with Blue Moon. I have been diligently drinking said Blue Moon in order to free up the box for packing. As I work my way through this box I have discovered that Blue Moon boxes are flimsy and totally not the same caliber as Leinies boxes. Dang, looks like there is some Sunset Wheat also in my future.
This is how much I care! I am just sacrificing my liver to the beer so that we can pack up and move with ease. True.
But on to other things.
Generally I believe that if you don’t like the political direction your city, state or federal government is headed then you need to work on that. I have no appreciation for the whole ‘if Tedrow Assflounder gets elected I’m moving to Canada/Lichtenstein/your mom’s house’. If you don’t like the politics of your area then do something about it.
Yeah, do something.
I realized that I was relieved to be moving to Vermont. All the Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann and the same sex marriage amendment…
[Very very long diatribe about taxes, white flight, boomers, education, religion, IR vs GOP, Woodbury, corn subsidies and other bullshit that David talked me out of as it would seem that emptying boxes of their beer might make for bad motivation when it comes to political blog posts.]
Fuck Michele Bachmann.
So…um…. something more palatable… I found the perfect sunglasses, they hover right on the line between awesome and obnoxious. Personally, I need to find that line again because I’m wallowing in obnoxious right now.


The rally cry of the girl with problems

I hate moving, I just keep repeating that over and over. The only good part about moving is that quiet moment in your new home when it is completely empty of stuff and full of ideas. Then you drag in box after box of everything you already thought of and they crush your ideas under their weight of old newspapers and too much tape.
And, of course, those boxes had to be packed and all that stuff needs to be wrapped in newspaper (or, if you are marginally clever you can use the ACRES of table linens to wrap your stuff).
And, of course, you had to take the time to look at each thing and weigh its importance. Do I need an olive boat? Kind of… except I hate olives more than moving… but it is perfect for serving olives at cocktail parties… but when was the last time I threw any party, cocktail or otherwise? When was it? Oh! Yeah, it was back before my brain broke. Sushi party? I literally have every single thing that you need to throw an extravagant sushi party (except the big wooden boat!) I’ve got the teeny tiny soy sauce bowls, chopstick holders (2 sets), those little ceramic bits that hold the wasabi and gari, little ceramic soy sauce containers, plates and trays and all manner of sushi serving dishes and eating dishes and sake cups (though, I don’t have the wooden masu style cups… I don’t even like sake!). Am I ever going to through a sushi party? I hope so, I’m going to be that much closer to the ocean. But will I really?
And which books do I keep? Do I want to carry megatons of books across the country? That was easier than the serving dishes. You’d think we had some sort of low brow library of Alexandria judging by all the books that have been donated already and still there are too many left.
All of these things have to be boxed up and put in a truck and carried across the way and unloaded from the truck and unboxed and put away. At the other end I’m going to wonder what the hell I was thinking keeping the dvd of puppet porn (where did that come from? I can not remember!) or the ice crusher I never use but is so clever it’s worth keeping just in case.
I’ll be in Vermont next week, hopefully setting up a place to rent while we go house hunting. Then it’s back here and the final 6 weeks. Packing it up and going.
It’s totally going to be worth it.

We can eat a thing

Boom! Crepes and Trader Joe’s and flank steak and chevre and italian sausage and maple syrup.
It’s been a food week.
Sunday was a grill out at my dad’s. Got to see all the new gardens and eat burgers and hold the baby.
Monday, flank steak on the grill. I made a tasty marinade with orange and toasted cumin, it was nice. The high heat of the grill kind of killed anything subtle so you didn’t really get to taste anything but meat and meat and a bit of salt. No mind, it was delicious. I made up some herbed focaccia and marinated tomatoes in sesame and thyme. Toasted the focaccia slices on the grill, got them on the plates, covered them is sliced steak and smothered it in tomatoes and dressing. Was going to be all swanky and use the leftovers to make panzanella the next day… but there were no leftovers.
Tuesday was Trader Joe’s day!! You seriously do not realize how much you need falafel chips, chocolate mochi, orange sticks or a pack of cured spanish meats until you are standing there mumbling, “holy shit…felafel chips… mmm serrano ham… I need all the things!!!”. Mostly, though, I didn’t go crazy (but the impulsy shelves by the check out got me).
Today I have to make croutons out of the rest of the focaccia and do something with the giant ciabatta I bought for no reason yesterday. Something something cheese, garlic, red sauce something.
And the rest of this week is going to be “make the useful things!” chicken stock, sausage, mustard, maybe some more marmalade depending on what’s in ‘season’ at the grocery story.
The move to Vermont!! Along with making things that will only be given away as I don’t think I can use them all in the next 3 months I will also be filtering and packing and we have until late August to get these things done. Is it wrong to throw a goodbye party for yourself? I have not hosted a party in a very long time and I miss it. This might be my chance.

Pontoon Tangue
rock it